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# 高血糖 hyperglycemia

# 高血脂 hyperlipidemia

# 基礎代謝 basic metabolism

細胞代謝的平衡感(Balance),都發生在細胞中,粒線體(Mitochondria)這個胞器參與其中,轉化糖類、蛋白質、脂肪三大原料變成能量(Energy)出來。身體每日都在進食與排泄,進與出(Intake and Output)的平衡速率叫做代謝(Metabolism),隨著年齡,細胞、組織、器官的更新受到阻礙,它會堆積廢物,讓代謝變慢,變慢的結果往往是傷害細胞功能。所以,當身體的肝臟、胰臟、肌肉、細胞訊號、腸胃五大關聯變差時,你就會手腳發麻、血糖增加、血脂分布不當、體型改變、體脂肪堆積等等,這是人體的本能表現出的表徵。發生時,你該怎麼辦?還沒發生的你,知道要怎麼預防嗎?

Activate the sense of coordination of basic carbohydrate metabolism in the five internal organs of the body | Balancer

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# hyperglycemia

# hyperlipidemia

# basic metabolism

The balance of cell metabolism (Balance) occurs in the cell. Mitochondria, the organelle, participates in the conversion of the three major raw materials of sugar, protein and fat into energy. The body eats and excretes every day. The equilibrium rate of Intake and Output is called Metabolism. With age, the regeneration of cells, tissues and organs is hindered. It will accumulate waste and slow metabolism The result of slowing down is often damage to cell function. Therefore, when the five major connections of the body's liver, pancreas, muscle, cell signals, and gastrointestinal tract become worse, you will feel numbness in your hands and feet, increase blood sugar, improper blood lipid distribution, body shape change, body fat accumulation, etc. This is the body's instinct Exhibited characterization. What should you do when it happens? You have not happened yet, do you know how to prevent it?

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