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​自身的感覺,叫做「感知」,它會告訴你何時需要喝「鎮寒飲」。人體的本能表現出手腳冰冷、感覺寒冷、一個打噴嚏、發顫、以及雞皮疙瘩,是身體面對外在環境對身體內在的反應。然而,當「感知」到皮膚表面發痛、吞嚥口水時有阻礙、發生四肢無力感、到嚴重一些的頭重腳輕感覺,就是身體在作戰狀態了,作戰(Fighting)表示你組織裡的免疫球蛋白(Immune globulin)、多種白細胞(WBC)、殺手細胞(NK cell)、補體(factors)、抗體及抗原(Antibody and Antigen)以及發炎因子(Inflammation)等等正在一系列的在重新分布所引起的反應與感覺。

Activates the body's white blood cell immune perception | Zhanhanyin DFS |

Your own feeling, called "perception," will tell you when you need to drink "cold drink". Human instincts show cold hands and feet, feeling cold, a sneezing, trembling, and goose bumps, which are the body's internal response to the external environment. However, when you “perceive” pain on the surface of the skin, obstruction when swallowing saliva, a sense of weakness in the limbs, or a severe feeling of top-heavy feet, the body is in a combat state. Fighting means that the immunoglobulins in your tissue Immune globulin), a variety of white blood cells (WBC), killer cells (NK cells), complements (factors), antibodies and antigens (Antibody and Antigen), and inflammatory factors (Inflammation), etc. feel.


#anti-virus 抗冠狀病毒

#anti-flu 抗流感

#Traditional Chinease Medicine Alternatives 中草藥輔助療法

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