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抗病毒入侵細胞能力, DFS411間接間接抗菌能力則是觀察活體動物的生長過程中體重及死亡率二項偵測點,目前體內試驗的地點有台灣及泉州,整體表現的數據無死亡毒性。使用3g的DFS411在60kg人體表現可在30分鐘後觀察氣管及支氣管的黏膜厚度降低,呼吸道順暢,呼吸肺活量增加25%。 RRO-401在溫度大於攝氏32-38度,具有揮發作用,1ml噴霧使用,在空氣擾流下,可在10平方米達到環境微生物控制,同時經由呼吸道進入支氣管及肺臟,直接抗炎作用,並且鎮靜神經及平滑肌作用。

Anti-virus ability to invade cells, DFS411 indirect indirect antibacterial ability is to observe the weight and mortality of live animals during the growth process. The current in vivo test locations are Taiwan and Quanzhou. The overall performance data has no death toxicity. Using 3g of DFS411 in a 60kg human body can observe the reduction of the mucosal thickness of the trachea and bronchus after 30 minutes, the airway is smooth, and the respiratory vital capacity increases by 25%. RRO-401 has a volatile effect when the temperature is higher than 32-38 degrees Celsius. When used in 1ml spray, it can achieve environmental microbial control in 10 square meters under air turbulence. At the same time, it enters the bronchus and lungs through the respiratory tract. It has direct anti-inflammatory effects and its sedative on nerve and smooth muscle action.

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