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DFS411中姜的防疫故事 (DFS411 : the specific role of Ginger in immune system within integration function)

DFS411的姜(Alpinia officinarum) 有167篇,对于抑制溃疡、肠蠕动、镇痛、促进微循环等,可以中和其他成分。也許會覺得通常用於辛香料理時的薑,有何生理上的意義呢?生薑作為藥用有數千年歷史,生薑性微溫,味辛,入肺、胃、脾經,有多種輔助生理上的功效。

DFS411 ginger (Alpinia officinarum) 167, can neutralize other ingredients for inhibiting ulcers, intestinal peristalsis, analgesia, promoting microcirculation, etc. It can neutralize other ingredients. Maybe you think ginger, which is usually used in spicy dishes, has any

physiological significance? Ginger has a history of thousands of years as a medicinal product. Ginger is mild in nature, pungent in taste, enters the lung, stomach, and spleen meridian, and has multiple effects.

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